Lories And Lorikeets
Lories and Lorikeets are old world parrots from the Pacific islands of Indonesia to
Australia and New Zealand .They are also known as brush tongue parrots. Lories have small brush like projections known as papillae at the
end of their tongues. The papillae are made for lapping up pollen and nectar from flowers. There are around 53 species and many more
subspecies. These birds are very active, high strung and acrobatic; with very special dietary needs. In the wild Lories and Lorikeet's diet
consist of pollen, nectar, flowers, and fruits. In captivity they require fresh fruits, veggies, and a good nutritional, low iron nectar. Because
of their special high maintenance diet; Lories are not for everyone. Diet is probably the most important factor in keeping Lories; because
they are prone to a condition known as Hemochromatosis (iron storage disease). This condition stores iron in the liver; overloading it. This
is why we; here at cajunbait2000, feed our birds fresh chopped fruits, and veggies, and a good low iron nectar. The nectar we use is Avico
Lory Life; which can be bought straight from the manufacture Cuttle Bone Plus. Because these birds eat fruit and nectar; they have very
watery stool, and go frequently.
Some would consider them to be messy birds. They require daily cleaning. Lories and Lorikeets can make outstanding pets for those willing
to deal with their mess.  Because of their high strung, playful nature, and the ability to bond to their owners; they have become one of my
favorite family of birds.