Links To Our Favorite Websites and Groups

* Below is a list of links to Different Breeder's Websites by species; that I will personally vouch for.
They are very knowledgeable and great to deal with!

Toucans, Aracari, Toucanets :
*Beaks Bird House

Corvids (Crows, Ravens, Rooks and Jays):
*The Corvid Ranch

Lories & Lorikeets:
*Cuttlebone Plus
*Sam At Exclusively Lories

Shama's and Other Asian songbirds:

Game Birds & Waterfowl:
Harteman Wildfowl
World Pheasant Association

World, National, and Local Bird Clubs:
American Society of Aviculture
Acadiana Bird Club
American Federation of Aviculture
International Turaco Society
The Avicultural Society

Yahoo Groups:
Hanging Parrots
Softbilled Birds
Softbill Songsters International