Welcome to Cajunbait2000.net,
We are a small family farm who's beliefs are in Creation according to the Bible.
We specialize in rarely kept Soft bills, Lorikeets and Lories.
Our goal is to promote captive breeding of exotic Birds by trying to provide the best information on their care
and management. Recently, we have especially taken interest on studying their sleep patterns. These birds typically sleep about
10-12 hours per day and you need to make a comfortable environment for them to do that. They may not need
an adjustable bed and a sleep number mattress to do that, nevertheless, you need to make it as comfortable
and quiet as possible. Speaking of adjustable beds, we recently bought one for my grand mother who is
nearing 75 years in age. We looked at many online adjustable bed reviews
and finally took the advice provided on adjustable beds by Bedroom Solutions. Grandma says it's the best sleep
she has had in a long long time and there was nothing to complain about. She especially likes the lumbar support
and pillow tilting features. The massage is also something she uses often. She mainly sleeps on her back
so we went for a 10 inch thick medium soft mattress. She's loving it!
We hope you enjoy your trip through cajunbait2000.net. Please feel free to contact us by email or phone with
any questions.

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Sleeping Baby Horn bills Coming soon!
Red bills and African Pieds are working their logs

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