Green Aracaris
(Pteroglossus Viridsare)
sexually dimorphic plumage. Both males and females are identical in color except for the plumage on their head. The male has a solid black head
while the female's head is more of a reddish / plum brown color.

General Information/Breeding: The green Aracari are one of the easiest of toucans to keep and breed. Toucans are cavity dwellers nesting in a
deep hollow tree trunk or a partly hollow palm log. Their breeding ritual consist of bill fencing, low cackling calls, courtship feeding, and
digging/excuvating  out the log. Aracari have been recorded to breed at 9 months but our birds never bred till about 2 years of age. They lay a clutch
of 2 to 4 eggs and incubate about 14 to 16 days. We pull babies at 10 to 14 days. We feed every 2 hours from 6 am to 10 pm. Chicks usually ween  at
about 50 days.

Range: Northern South America. Colombia, Brazil, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, and Venezuela. Tropical Rain Forest canopy.

Life Span: about 16 years

Diet: Diet in the wild- Green Aracari are frugivores. Their primary diet is ripe fruit. They consume a wide variety of fruits from the top of the tree
canopy. Insects are also occasionally consumed, especially during breeding and feeding chicks.
We feed a diet of assorted fresh chopped fruits and veggies, a little greens and Zupreem Low-Iron Soft-bill Pellets. We also feed natural oils such as
virgin cold pressed red palm and coconut oils. Grapefruit seed extract(GSE) is added to the water. Since we have started using GSE, candida has not
been a problem.